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[ezcol_1third] Renee
[/ezcol_1third] [ezcol_2third_end] As a Colorado Native Renee grew up in a large family with many health issues: she lost two siblings and her mother to incurable diseases, and her father is a colon cancer survivor. Experiences like this can really make one want to run and hide! Instead they sent her on a journey to seek more out of life. In her early 30’s Renee began to see signs of her own health declining and was experiencing constant pain. She did not want to go down the conventional medical path of prescription drugs and surgery.

Renee then decided that “Prevention” is truly the key. In her quest for learning what “Prevention” truly meant she discovered a whole new world of yoga, herbs, nutrition, and a holistic way of living and thinking. Using these modalities to reverse her health conditions she became more intrigued and had to know more. It wasn’t easy at first, but once she found her way she knew she had to become an expert to help others find their way.

Renee discovered yoga about 20 years ago and completed her first 200 hr training in early 2009. She is a registered Yoga Teacher Trainer (e-RYT) with Yoga Alliance. She shares a passion for the creative movement and power in flowing (Vinyasa) with non-traditional music with a great beat, as well as the stillness of holding Yin yoga poses and listening to the sweet sounds of Om in traditional yogic music. It is not uncommon to hear Led Zepplin, Goldfrapp or Phillip Phillips in her playlists as well as MC Yogi and Krishna Das.

It is her own personal Yin and Yang to have both in her life. She is a Mother, Consultant, Nutritional Coach, Yoga Instructor, Yoga Teacher Trainer, Iridologist, Esthetician and Master Herbalist. She lives with her best friend, lover and soul mate Bill, her college aged son Derrick and her dogs Mojo and Zoey. In her spare time you can find her doing random yoga poses outdoors, walking on the beach (when in Maui!), hiking, scuba diving, surfing, snowboarding, 4-wheeling, horseback riding and riding dirt bike motorcycles.
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