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After having my first child in 2014 I knew some things in my life would need to change in order to face the challenges that came with a new baby. Having dallied in yoga off and on during different phases of life, I once more stepped into a small yoga studio nestled in the mountains of Summit County, CO hoping to find moments of quiet and clarity. There, I found what I was looking for and more. I found myself and a new passion. After practicing consistently, almost obsessively, for a year I decided it was time to share all the amazing benefits I acquired the day I stepped back into a studio and so I started my 200 YTT. My teacher training journey began in January of 2016 with the Karuna Yoga School on the beaches of Nicaragua and I completed all the requirements of the training in October of the same year. In that same year my family and I made the move to the front range and now reside in Brighton.

The benefits of a yoga practice are numerous, you will notice a change not only in your physical body, but in your mental and emotional state as well. Each time we step on our mats we are opening ourselves up to change, taking the time to look inward, breath deep and bring forth the truest version of ourselves. It is an amazing journey and I look forward to sharing the road with you!