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[/ezcol_1third] [ezcol_2third_end] Karyssa is a Colorado native who was a gymnast throughout her childhood. After graduating high school, she stopped competing in gymnastics and found herself struggling to find a physical fitness activity that she was passionate about that challenged her and kept her in shape the way that gymnastics always had. Unsatisfied with the routine gym scene, Karyssa decided to try yoga and was hooked immediately!

Yoga provided the graceful balance between strength and flexibility that she was craving and she found the same moving meditation through yoga that she unknowingly always had in gymnastics. In the fall of 2013, Karyssa decided that she wanted to share the multitude of benefits that she had found in yoga with others; so, she got her 200 hour yoga teacher certification through Core Power Yoga. As Karyssa explores her professional career path, she has continually been led back to her love of kids and as a prior gymnastics coach, teaching kid’s yoga seemed like an obvious choice! Karyssa completed her kid’s yoga teacher training in the winter of 2014 and is currently going to school to become a Child Life Specialist as well.

Karyssa has a true passion for helping others and teaching yoga has been one of the best tools she has found to give back to her community. Yoga is a constant, lifelong process that is always growing and evolving and is different for each person. The beauty of yoga is that it always meets you exactly where you are—it has no age limits, doesn’t care what clothes you are wearing, if you are tall, skinny, overweight, short, inflexible etc. yoga is for everyone and Karyssa’s goal is to help people realize exactly that!

Some of Karyssa’s favorite things include: dogs (specially her black lab, Mojo); kids; anything that allows her to be outside (specifically long walks, hiking and the beach); food (enjoyed with friends & family); clean sheets; and yoga (of course)!
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