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Yoga was a workout for me from day one. I hopped around doing classes occasionally at random studios. Once I found my regular studio I began to deepen my practice. I was doing yoga for the benefits of the body, moving and staying in shape. I had no idea what it could do for the mind! Yoga ended up being an inward journey and led me to finding out more about myself then I could have ever imagined. I have became the best version of myself mentally because of this ancient practice. I feel my truest self.

My studio offered a teacher training and I thought it would be awesome to be a teacher. I saw the time and price tag required and decided that I couldn’t do it. Within the next year, I took a few months off of yoga. I was working overload and was mentally and physically exhausted. I realized that I didn’t feel like this when I maintained my yoga practice. So I went back to the studio and forced myself to make it routine. Instantly the benefits came back and I realized my love for the practice. Then another teacher training flyer comes around…This was it, this was my time and was what I really wanted to do. The dates worked out and I had some money saved. The journey during my training was way more then I ever expected. Now after getting my certification my goal as a teacher is to give to all the students that cross my path the opportunity to feel what I experienced. Encouraging everyone to have open minds and hearts. Let your body and mind sync in peace and harmony. Yoga is more then a practice, it’s a lifestyle!