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[/ezcol_1third] [ezcol_2third_end] Hey y’all! My name is Georgia and I just finished up my yoga teacher training here in Denver. Almost a year ago, I moved here from San Antonio, Texas. Breath of Life quickly became my regular studio and a home away from home. Having the opportunity to teach here now feels so surreal!

Yoga gave me my life back. When I was a teenager I developed two herniated discs in my back that caused me so much pain that I could barely get through the school day without painkillers. I had to give up my passion, which was riding horses. I was depressed and resentful of the fact that this happened to me. Eventually it got so bad that I had to have surgery. The healing process was long and frustrating, but it led me to one of the greatest blessings in my life – yoga! Now as an adult, I’ve learned how truly valuable this lesson was for me. Practicing yoga forced me to slow down and develop a loving relationship with my body. I noticed that the more consistent I was with my practice, the less pain I felt. It’s almost been 10 years since surgery, and I’ve never felt stronger in my life.

Yoga has given me so much, and now it’s finally my time to give back to the community!
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