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For me, the majority of my twenties were spent reflecting on who and what I wanted to be. While this exploration was important, it wasn’t until I dove head first into yoga that I truly was able to connect to myself and see a greater path to follow. After years of disconnect within my work and personal lives, this practice helped me to develop a consistent and powerful conversation between the mind and body. Yoga has taught me to concentrate on self love, self care and has forever changed my past competitiveness. As someone who has always appreciated sports, I knew early on that simply showing up to your mat, was all it took to win. Once my mind was freed from always striving to be the best, there was nothing, but space to breath, flow and strengthen the body and mind.

This practice has guided me to my truest self, and I strive to motivate and inspire those I practice with, both as a teacher and a student. I encourage others to show up with a beginners mindset as we all have so much more to learn. In my classes, I will cultivate the use of focus and breath to fuel and strengthen the body and mind. I believe that the strength we build on our mats follows us into our day to day lives and can help to better prepare us for the ebbs and flows of life. Bring a smile, your breath and be ready to sweat, I look forward to seeing you all on your mats soon.